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How To Delete Your Viber Account

Slides & Instructions

Viber- Delete account from iOS device. Step 1: Open Viber app
Viber- Delete account from iOS device. Step 2: Tap settings
Viber- Delete account from iOS device. Step 3: Tap account
Viber- Delete account from iOS device. Step 4: Tap deactivate account
Viber- Delete account from iOS device. Step 5: Tap deactivate account
  • If you are using Viber on your computer, you can deactivate it from your desktop, but keep in mind that Viber will still be active on other devices. For complete deletion, you will need to deactivate the app from your primary device (which is usually your mobile device).

  • Open Viber app

  • Tap settings

  • Tap account

  • Tap deactivate account

  • Enter phone number and then tap deactivate account

  • Congrats! Your account has now been deleted

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Questions & Answers

I uninstalled the app. Will that delete my account?

No. Deleting the Viber app is not the same as deactivating your Viber account. If you just delete the Viber app you are just removing the app from that particular device. The good news is that Viber will eventually remove your information due to inactivity (so removing the app can prove successful in the long run). Your address book will get removed from the servers after 45 days and your phone number, which is your Viber account number, will be decoupled from the service after one year of inactivity.

After I delete my account can I sign up for Viber again with the same phone number?

Yes. If you wish to use Viber again you can do so with the same phone number as before, or with a different number. All you have to do is re-download it for free from the app store and sign up again.

If I pay for Viber via Itunes or Google play. What happens to my subscription?

You must cancel the Viber subscription plan from the store that you purchased it (credit card, app store, other vendor). Deleting the app does not automatically cancel your subscription.

If I deactivate my Viber account can I ever restore my data?

Deactivation for Viber is the same as deletion. Once your account is deactivated, there is no way to restore any of your user data. Viber does not store any of your message history and is unable to retrieve lost data.

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