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How To Delete Your Telegram Account

Slides & Instructions

Telegram-Delete Account from Website. Step 1: Enter phone number to login
Telegram-Delete Account from Website. Step 2: Copy the Confirmation Code Sent to your Telegram Account
Telegram-Delete Account from Website. Step 3: Navigate Back to the Deactivation Page, Enter Confirmation Code and Click Sign in
Telegram-Delete Account from Website. Step 4: Choose a Reason For Deletion and Click Done
Telegram-Delete Account from Website. Step 5: Click Yes Delete My Account
  • Deleting your Telegram is easy. You can do so from a computer browser or from a mobile device. Telegram offers a deactivation link for easy deletion of your account. Follow the steps below.

  • Click here to open the Telegram deactivation page. Enter phone number to login and click next

  • Copy the confirmation code sent to your Telegram account

  • Navigate back to the deactivation page, enter confirmation code and click sign in

  • Choose a reason for deletion and click done

  • Click yes delete my account

  • Please note that termination of a Telegram account is an irreversible process.

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Questions & Answers

What happens if I delete my Telegram account?

All your data will be flushed from their system: all messages, groups, and contacts associated with your account will be deleted. Termination of a Telegram account is irreversible. If you sign up again, you will appear as a new user and will not get your history, contacts or groups back. People, who have your phone number in their contacts, will be notified. The new user will be displayed as a separate conversation in their messages list and their conversation history with this new user will be empty. Click here for more information on deleting your account.

What happens to my the messages I have sent to contacts when I delete my account?

Your contacts will still be able to chat in the groups that you have created, and they will still have their copy of the messages you sent them. So if you want to send messages that can vanish without a trace, you can consider using the self-destruct timer instead. Click here for more information on the self-destruct timer.

Can I delete my account from my mobile device?

The quick answer is Yes. But you must navigate to the deactivation page through the mobile app. However, we recommend that you use a non-mobile browser if possible.

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