How To Delete Your PayPal Account

Simplest - Send a legal email

Did you know that companies respond to lawyers more than to their users? Have a lawyer send an email on your behalf requesting deletion.

Send legal email

Deleting your PayPal account is easy. PayPal provides a delete link from within their website. You cannot delete your account from a mobile app.

Delete PayPal - Website - Slides & Instructions

Step #1:

Click here to open PayPal. If you are already logged in, doing so with open your PayPal homepage

PayPal-Delete Account from Website. Step 1: Log on to the [PayPal Website](  If you are already logged in, doing so with open your PayPal homepage.

Step #2:

Click the setting gear on top right

PayPal-Delete Account from Website. Step 2: Click the Setting Gear on Top Right

Step #3:

Click close your account

PayPal-Delete Account from Website. Step 3: Click Close your account

Step #4:

Click close account to confirm deletion

PayPal-Delete Account from Website. Step 4: Click Close Account to Confirm Deletion

*Congrats! *Your account has been deleted.

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Questions & Answers

What happens when I delete my PayPal account?

Upon account deletion any unpaid money requests are automatically canceled and you lose any unused redemption codes or coupons.

Why won't PayPal let me close my account?

You cannot close your account if there are limitations, unresolved issues, or a balance. Click here to contact customer service f you are experiencing any these issues.

Can I re-open a PayPal account with the same email address of my Deleted Account?

Yes. PayPal allows this. But you must remove your email address from the account you want to delete before you delete it. Click here to navigate to the account settings page to remove your email address.

I signed up for PayPal using a facebook, what do I do?

You can delete your account by following the steps above. However, please log onto facebook and remove third party access from facebook to your paypal account.

Can I delete my account if I do not remember my password?

No. You must be able to log into your account to delete it. For more information on recovering your password please Click here.