How To Delete Your Account

There is no option for deleting your account. If you use their email or live chat option they will direct you to open your account settings and change your email address to Please follow the steps below to make your account useless to

Delete - Website - Slides & Instructions Account from Website. Step 1: Open Overstock Account from Website. Step 2: Click Account Icon Account from Website. Step 3: Click My Account Account from Website. Step 4: Click Account Settings Account from Website. Step 5: Click Email and Password Account from Website. Step 6: Click Edit Button Next to the Email Address you would like to Change Account from Website. Step 7: Type the beginning of your email address and add under New Email Address then Click Save Account from Website. Step 8: You will receive a confirmation that your email address has been saved Account from Website. Step 9: Next Click Profile to Continue to Change your Personal information Account from Website. Step 10: Click Edit Profile Account from Website. Step 11: Type Delete My Data in replace of your Personal Information and Click Save
  • Step #1:

    Click here to open If you're already logged in, doing so will open your homepage

  • Step #2:

    Click account icon

  • Step #3:

    Click my account

  • Step #4:

    Click account settings

  • Step #5:

    Click email and password

  • Step #6:

    Click the edit button next to the email address you would like to change

  • Step #7:

    Type under new email address then click save

  • Step #8:

    You will receive a confirmation that your email address has been saved

  • Step #9:

    Next click profile to continue to change your personal information

  • Step #10:

    Click edit profile

  • Step #11:

    Type delete my data in replace of your personal information and click save

Once these steps are completed you will no longer receive communications from It is the closest you can get to deleting your account.

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Questions & Answers

Will this process really delete my account?

Since you cannot delete your account in the traditional sense this is the only option. You need to make your information useless. customer services explains that they do not have any option to close the account. But, you can login to your account and in my account settings, you can update your email address to ''. Then, you can change or delete any other existing personal information thus making your account useless to them. It is essentially the same as deletion.

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