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How To Delete Your Life360 Account

Slides & Instructions

Life360- Delete account from iOS device. Step 1: Open Life360
Life360- Delete account from iOS device. Step 2: Tap three bars on top left
Life360- Delete account from iOS device. Step 3: Tap settings
Life360- Delete account from iOS device. Step 4: Tap account
Life360-Delete account from iOS device. Step 5: Tap delete account
Life360- Delete account from iOS device. Step 6: Tap yes, continue
  • Deleting your Life360 account is easy. You can delete your account from a computer browser or from within mobile app. Or if you choose, you can just email customer service directly at and request that your account be deleted. Please note that canceling your account or deleting the app does not cancel your premium subscription. You must cancel the subscription prior to deletion. To delete your account from within the mobile app follow the steps below.

  • Open Life360 app

  • Tap the three bars on the top left

  • Tap settings

  • Tap account

  • Tap delete account

  • Tap yes, continue

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Questions & Answers

I deleted the mobile App from my phone. Will that delete my entire account?

No. Deleting the app just removes the app from your phone. It does not delete your account. If you have already deleted the app please redownload it and then follow the steps for deletion.

What happens when I delete my Life360 account?

When you delete your account all of your history and driving events will be deleted and they cannot be retrieved. Deleting your account does not delete your premium subscription automatically. Please remember to cancel this subscription prior to deleting your account.

Do I have to delete my account to leave a circle?

No. If you would just like to leave a circle and keep your account, go to circle settings and leave the circle. You do not have to delete your entire account.

Does deleting my account cancel my Life360 premium subscription?

No. Please cancel your subscription prior to deleting your account. For more information on canceling your Life360 Premium subscription click here.

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