How To Remove Third Party Facebook Apps From Your Account

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Facebook-Remove third party apps from website. Step 1: login to Facebook
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 2: Click downward facing arrow
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 3: Click settings
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 4: Click apps & websites
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 5: Click remove apps
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 6: Click remove
Facebook-Remove third-party apps from website. Step 7: Click done

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  • Facebook allows an easy sign in feature to many of your favorite apps. This feature creates a link between that app and your Facebook account and and allows Facebook to have access to your data. If you are unsure if Facebook has access to certain apps or if you want to disconnect privileges to Facebook and stop sharing data we recommend that you go through these steps and remove third party Facebook access. You can do this from your computer or from your mobile device.

  • Click here to open Facebook. If you're already logged in, doing so will open your Facebook homepage

  • Click the downward facing arrow on the top right

  • Click settings

  • Click apps & websites from the left column

  • Click the apps you want to remove and then click remove

  • Check the box and click remove

  • Click done

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Questions & Answers

What does it mean when I log onto apps using Facebook?

Facebook's single sign on service makes logging in and creating accounts for apps, games, and services easy. But when you use Facebook to login, Facebook gives those apps access to your data — a lot of your data.

How do I find out what apps are collecting what data?

To find out what information you are sharing, check your third-party app list and see exactly what you're providing to these services.

Can I choose what type of information I share with different apps?

You can edit the permissions for individual apps in the “Apps and Websites” section. You can do this by hovering over them and pressing the edit button.

Can I delete the information that third-party Facebook apps have stored on me?

Third-party Facebook apps may have already stored data on you, and you’ll need to contact the app developer to delete that information.