How To Delete Your Duolingo Account

Simplest - Send a legal email

Did you know that companies respond to lawyers more than to their users? Have a lawyer send an email on your behalf requesting deletion.

Send legal email

You can delete your Duolingo account and erase all of your personal data by logging into your account from a computer browser. You cannot complete deletion from a mobile device.

Delete Duolingo - Website - Slides & Instructions

Step #1:

Click here to open Duolingo. If you're already logged in, doing so will open your Duolingo homepage

Duolingo- Delete account from Website. Step 1: Login to Duolingo

Step #2:

Click your username on the top right

Duolingo- Delete account from Website. Step 2: Click username

Step #3:

Click settings from the drop down menu

Duolingo- Delete account from Website. Step 3: Click settings

Step #4:

Scroll down and click delete my account

Duolingo- Delete account from Website. Step 4: Delete my account

Step #5:

Click erase personal data

Duolingo- Delete account from Website. Step 5: Erase personal data

Deletion is not complete until you confirm via email. You must login to you email and click the link to confirm deletion. Please note, there is a 7-day grace period in case you change your mind.

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Questions & Answers

What is the difference between deleting and deactivating my account?

If you deactivate your account you have the option of restoring your account just by logging in, plus your username is saved and cannot be used by anyone else. If you delete your account you lose all of your information and it can never be restored. You will have a 7-day grace period after you request deletion in case you change your mind. However, once you complete deletion to your account this action cannot be undone.

Will deleting my account cancel my Duolingo plus subscription?

No. it is important to note that if you are a Duolingo plus subscriber via the mobile apps, deleting your account will not suspend charges, those are done by Apple or Google. For more information on canceling your subscription click here.