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How To Delete Your Comcast Account

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Comcast- Delete account from phone. Call customer service for account deletion.
  • To permanently delete your Comcast (or Xfinity) account you must call customer service at 1-800-Xfinity or 1-800-Comcast and request that your account be deleted.

  • At this time, this is the only way to complete account deletion.

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Questions & Answers

What happens when I call customer service and delete my primary user account?

This will permanently delete your account. All settings, preferences, and emails will be erased. You will lose all emails, voicemails, and other information associated with the username. Please note, you must cancel any recurring payments prior to deleting your account.

Do I have to call customer service to delete a secondary user account?

No. You can do this by navigating through the website. Deleting a secondary user account means all settings and preferences for this user will be erased. When you delete a username, you'll likely lose emails, voicemails, and other information associated with the username. Be sure to print or save copies of anything you want to keep. Please note that if this user has made scheduled payments, those will need to be cancelled prior to removing the user. For more information click here.

Is there any other way to delete an account other than calling customer service?

No. Unfortunately calling customer service is the only way to complete account deletion?

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