How To Delete Your Avast Account

To delete your Avast account login to your account form a computer browser and follow the steps below.

Delete Avast - Website - Slides & Instructions

Avast- Delete account from website. Step 1: Open Avast
Avast- Delete account from website. Step 2: Click the username
Avast- Delete account from website. Step 3: Click profile details
Avast- Delete account from website. Step 4: Click delete account
Avast- Delete account from website. Step 5: Click yes, delete this avast account

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Questions & Answers

What happens when I delete my Avast account?

Once you delete your account all your data associated with this account will be deleted with these exceptions: Licenses associated with your email, will remain associated with your email and will not be deleted; and photos/contacts/sms you backed up using Mobile backup to you Google Drive will remain in your Google Drive

How can delete my data assist your in deleting your Avast account?

DeleteMyData can contact Avast on your behalf to request account deletion. Avast will then email you a confirmation asking you to confirm deletion on your personal email address you have used to sign up for the service. DeleteMyData does not require any personal information or passwords to complete this deletion process. The only thing required is the email used to create your account. Fill out the permission section above if you are interested in deleting your account.

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