What is deletemydata.io?

Our mission is to give you control of your data and help you declutter your digital life.

Today, DeleteMyData finds and helps you automatically delete your account from any service you have on the internet. It serves thousands of people every day.

Several volunteers help us find all the different ways one can delete an account. We have images to help walk you through how to do it yourself, if you choose to not use one of the automated ways.

We offer 3 automated ways to delete an account:

  1. One Click Deletion - You enter your login credentials for the service. We have built automation to basically delete for you with your credentials. Your credentials are never shared with anyone.

  2. Email Request - If the service offers deletion via an email, you can simply send them an email from deletemydata.io. We will forward your email to them. Why write your own email, when we have one already that works and can send it right away?

  3. Fill in the form - When the service you want to delete also takes in a form, we will simply forward your info as you fill the similar form here on deletemydata.io.

Email Request and Fill in the form options simply forward the request to the service you are looking to delete. You can do it yourself too.

What's the benefit of using deletemydata.io instead of going directly to the service to delete?

Power of a collective - We help thousands of people everyday with automated deletion of their accounts. We know exactly what to tell the service and how to send request to delete the data. Since you don't have this knowledge, you'll have to figure this out yourself.

We are working on monitoring accounts for data breaches. In other words, once a service you use gets hacked, we will help you take necessary actions to protect yourself.

You can learn from the community of other users who share common pitfalls of using the service by simply searching for the service.

We'd like to make it very simple for you to manage your digital data. On your behalf, we will keep things simple and safe online.

Soon enough, you'll be able to delete several accounts at once. What if you could delete all your unused accounts? What if your accounts get deleted when you delete the apps from your phone?

Who is behind deletemydata.io? Is this some big company making this site?

No, this site is one person. I've built everything from scratch. I really believe there should be a service that represents users to simplify their digital life and safeguard their privacy and security. It takes a lot of effort to collect data from each service, collect images, make videos and curate them. This info is also updated periodically.

How accurate is the info on the site?

While some content curation is automated, others are not. If you find something is not accurate, just scroll to the bottom of the page and give feedback saying its out of date. We will soon get to updating the info on the site.

Can you help delete things other than accounts?

Send an email to support@deletemydata.io and we'll try to help

I'd like to help with this mission. Can I help?

Absolutely. Send an email to support@deletemydata.io asking to be a volunteer with your information and we'll respond.